Individual Consultations

Personalized & Compatible to you.

The individual health coaching sessions will give you exactly what you need to change to a healthy lifestyle that is compatible with you as a person and most importantly compatible with the rhythm of your life.

A long time ago I myself had asked the help of various professionals to improve my deteriorating health, mostly by losing weight, but also by being able to maintain a diet that would give me the mental and physical strength which I needed, being a super busy, hard-working teacher, researcher, Ph.D. student, wife, and daughter.

I was always deeply disappointed by how non-personalized and incompatible these pieces of advice were with my everyday life. I remember the advice of eating every 2 hours during a phase of my life when I couldn’t leave the laboratory experiments anytime during the day to even use the toilet…! I remember being given difficult to cook recipes that could only be eaten freshly made, during a phase of my life that the only time I had to cook was somewhere between 10-11 pm, after having an exhausting day. And above all, I still remember being given a diet plan that for me to follow required me to give 50% of my salary!

Therefore, one of my most important values on health coaching is the adjustment of any plan and any advice I will give you to your life and your preferences.

Whether you have lots or zero time to cook, whether you need to eat a lot outside or you have most of your meals while driving, whether parenthood dictates most of your time and choices, whether you work sitting all day in front of a screen or bicycling all day, whether you must wear a heavy make up every day, whether you are a dancer that needs to be thin but strong or a bodybuilding athlete that needs to build more muscle, whether you work on a construction site inhaling toxic chemicals all day… whatever scenario you have in your life, together we can make the changes you need to be able to follow a healthy diet and a toxic-free lifestyle!

Change at your own pace

One more core value to my practice is the acceptance of the rhythm of change you need, and you want. I have coached people that came to me saying “I need to change now!” asking for a radical improvement to all their lifestyle choices. I was very happy to help them make the changes they needed and quite impressed with their passion and determination. I remember one client that changed everything about her lifestyle (diet, cosmetics, exercise, cleaning products…!) in one single day! She even bought air-purifying plants to improve her indoor air quality in that single day! (Hello dear A.! Yes, I am talking about you!). On the other hand, most of my clients need a step by step guide to achieving the changes they want to make and are more comfortable to adopt these changes one by one.

My goal is not to persuade you to follow a healthy diet, for a specific time. There is no point in changing if the change is not sustainable. Even if your goal is to lose weight, if you do it by following a diet that is not compatible with your life, then it is most probable that a few months or years later you will regain that weight.

That is why helping you to adopt the changes one by one, step by step is according to my opinion the only way for the long term, sustainable change.

The KEY (KEY; Keep Educating Yourself)

I will once again use an example of a client of mine. A long time ago, there was a very caring mother that had consulted me on what is the healthiest diet for her 3 years old kid. As I always do I suggested that we start the coaching sessions by including the Nutritional Education program of mine, a series of seminars on the scientific evidence that prove that a mostly plant-based diet is the best she can do for her child. The mother decided she needed just a nutritional plan and she was not really interested to know why… she said “I trust you! I do not want to know the science, I just want a plan”. She got the plan she asked, and she started following the diet I had suggested. A few months later, she came back to me asking about advice on her child’s overweight problem. I was surprised to hear that for the last 3 months her family was following a ketogenic diet. I asked her why she had decided to follow such a catastrophic diet and her reply was shocking: “Because I read on the (…) website that children must eat a lot of meat to keep their iron high and a lot of milk to make their bones strong”.

At that same moment I realized that unless we are well educated about a choice of ours unless we really know why we do what we do, we will never be able to have a resistance to the unlimited nonsense that can be found today in many sources of information.

That is why the number one goal of the Health Coaching I offer today is Education. Education doesn’t have to be boring, doesn’t have to be difficult to understand… Having more than 10 years’ experience in teaching high school students I have developed the skill of explaining science even to people that have no scientific background. That is why I strongly suggest to all the clients that need individual consultation to either attend the Group Sessions or allow me to devote at least half of our session time towards their nutritional education.

My goal is to help you get the necessary education and tools you need to not need a Health Coach after some time.

My goal is to train you to become the health coach of yourself!