I am Eleni. I am the Health Coach behind IASIS Health Coaching.

I was raised in a typical Greek family, following the typical modern Greek diet that is based on meat and dairy products. I seemed to be a healthy kid, not overweight, but I suffered from severe migraines since I was 8 years old.

Since my 10 years old I was passionate about Science. I studied Chemistry, finished a BSc in Environmental Chemistry and started a PhD in Environmental Chemistry.

My specialty in the field of heavy metals made me very familiar with the field of Toxicology.

Moreover, I was always passionate about communicating science to the public. Therefore, I was a passionate chemistry and biochemistry teacher for more than 10 years.

All these years of studying and researching my health problems kept rising. At 30 years old I was obese, and I suffered from 6 different health issues. I tried a lot to find solutions by visiting many different doctors. NOONE ever told me about the connection of Lifestyle Choices, mostly diet, with my health problems.

After being fed up with the “symptoms-facing” medical practice that only prescribes drugs to cover the problems instead of solving them I decided to take my life into my hands. I used my research skills and my scientific background to dig in the field of the newly born Lifestyle Medicine and I was shocked to realize that the majority of nowadays most common health problems are preventable and treatable with a healthy diet.

In about 6 months of finding out the truth about how important diet is to our health, all the health problems that had being troubling me, along with the migraines that had been torturing me since I was a child, were solved.

To me, that was a life-saving revelation. From that moment on, I had no other wish than to devote myself to spreading that knowledge to as many people as possible and help others to transform their lives by reclaiming their health. My academic background has given me the biochemistry knowledge and the research skills that are needed to be able to assess the information found today about the connection of Lifestyle Choices with Disease. My teaching background has given me the skills to be able to educate, support and motivate anyone interested to learn and make changes towards a Healthy Lifestyle.

This is how IASIS Health Coaching was born.

IASIS is a dream coming true.

A puzzle made by the pieces of my scientific knowledge, the need to help others, the passion to educate and the love to research.


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