Know what you consume and understand your body. An ideal way towards healthy living by incorporating scientific concepts to our daily life. A whole lot of advice to chose what is better with a personal touch.

Chaithanya Chandran, Technology Analyst

Being a vegan more than two years now, IASIS is the best thing that happened to me!Eleni has guided me amazingly throughout this process by educating me about how to maintain my vegan way of life without lacking nutrients or taste..! I feel better than never, healthier than ever and lucky to be a member of IASIS since it’s the only source of information that I can rely on 100% about doing the right thing for my health! Thank you Eleni! You are helping me become a better person… Inside-Out!

Maya Kotzampasaki, Yoga Trainer

An incredible ability to educate on finding a healthy life balance!

Mary Prokova, Real Estate Professional

A combination of solid scientific background and common sense, much needed in our era of nutritional confusion. Absolutely amazing, evidence based and human-centered service.

Anastasia Pseiridis, Professor of Microeconimics, Panteion University, Greece

Science-based information about nutrition helped me understand what my body needs to be healthy and strong. Thank you for your valuable advice and reliable information!

Georgia Petsi, Pediatric Dentist

Valuable advise from a guru of chemistry/nutrition. A true life gift to myself and my family!

Maria Stella, Counselling Psychologist / Life Coach