Ask Me Anything

This service is designed to cover the needs of all those people who do not need or want a 60mins consultation, but rather need a clear answer to questions like “How much salt should I eat per day?” “How much vitamin B12 should I take?” “Is my face cream toxic-free?” “Should I be taking a multivitamin supplement?” “Is it better if I give my kid an orange or orange juice?” “What’s the best source of omega 3?” and all these questions that may pop up in your mind at 3 am or while you are on the bus to the office.

So if you just want reliable science-based answers to any question related to a healthy diet and living, along with the flexibility of asking the question any time it pops up in your mind, this service is for you!

How it works

  1. You prepay my time by purchasing a minimum 1/2h (25euros)
  2. You ask me anything, anytime, through Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, or email. No appointment needed. It’s that easy!
  3. I reply within 36h (usually in less than 24h) and I let you know how much time I spent* for writing this reply, letting you know how much time you have been left with.
  4. You keep asking and I keep replying till your time finishes!

*The time spent will be calculated with a Time Tracker Application (I am currently using TMetric) and it will include the time I need to type the reply plus any additional time I will need to research for the answer. If I need more than 15 mins researching to find your answer I will let you know beforehand, so that you can withdraw your question if you want.

Keep in mind that this service is helpful for specific questions that need a quick and specific answer. So obviously, if you ask me “Why a plant-based diet is better for my health” I would need many hours to type an answer, meaning it is much better for you to just book a 60mins individual consultation where we can talk over the subject and I can share much more information.