Prices & Policies

Individual Consultations

The price (including VAT) of a 60 minutes consultation is:

50€ for consultation through Skype

70€ for consultation at IASIS offices Nieuw Vennep or Hague, Netherlands

90€ for consultation at your place of preference (house, office or your favourite café)*

*Our office in Nieuw Vennep is currently unavailable due to renovation work, thus the sessions can take place to your place of preference on the price of 70€/h.

There is a 10% discount if 5 or more sessions are prepaid.

Couples that wish to have common sessions have a 50% discount to the charge of the second individual (75€ for Skype, 105€ for IASIS offices and 135€ for the place of your preference).


Group Sessions (4-12 members)

The price (including VAT) for participating our 60 minutes Group Sessions is 20€

The Group Sessions Programme will be announced at our Facebook Page and at our Coming Events Page.


Healthy Cooking Workshops (5-8 members)

The price (including VAT) for participating at our 3h Cooking Workshops is 35€ and includes all cooking material and at least 1 portion of each of the cooked recipes.

Check our Coming Events Page and our Facebook Page for the coming workshops.


Payment & Cancelation Policies

The payment of any service is made at least 12h before the scheduled appointment.

Cancelations can be made 48h ahead without any charge.

Cancelations that are made less that 48h in advance will be charged by 50% of the amount.