Healthy Cooking Workshops

Our kitchen is always full of Healthy Tasty food!

We are a family that loves food, enjoys different tastes and cannot survive on plain steamed vegetables! On the other hand, having a busy work life and a full of energy toddler, we do not have the time to try complicated recipes, no matter how amazing they look on the blog posts!

The cooking workshops we offer are focused on Healthy, Tasty, Easy to make & Quick to make recipes that are mostly influenced by our Greek and Indian roots.

In these cooking workshops you will not only learn how to make the recipes we have mentioned but also
a) how to replace the ingredients you have forgotten to buy (because we always miss one ingredient when we start cooking, right?!),
b) how to alter the same recipe so that you get another taste and/or use other ingredients (for example one recipe that can be made with kidney beans or with chickpeas or with soya beans… one recipe, 3 different meals!)
c) how to preserve the food you have made or how to use the small remaining of it to create another dish!

No need to say that in these cooking workshops you will eat quite a lot and still take food with you when leaving!

While cooking, you will also be given an “easy to digest” Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine and any question of yours on what Healthy Diet is will be answered!
Finally, all recipes will be shared in a pdf file via email with all the additional information that will be given for them during the workshops.

Cooking workshops can also be arranged upon request. Bring your friends and share the cost!

Check our Coming Events Page and our Facebook Page for coming Cooking Workshops.