Group Sessions

The Group sessions are composed of 4 to 12 people and are focused on the scientific evidence and explanation on various subjects relating to heathy Diet and Toxic free Lifestyle.

The sessions last 60 Minutes which includes a 35-40 minutes presentation followed by 20-25 minutes for answering any questions and/or having related Discussion. After each session participants get a PDF file that includes all information which was taught in the session plus additional material (for instance more sources, sites of reliable information, etc.).

Check The coming Events page for the programme of Group Sessions. Group sessions can be scheduled upon Request. Bring your friends and share the cost!

Topics of Group sessions include among others:

Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine. How important are Lifestyle choices to our Health and Wellbeing? Current Evidence.

Psychological Health and Diet. How diet is connected to depression, anxiety, sleep disorders etc. How diet can help towards a healthier psychological status.

• Who is right? How to check the reliability and the scientific source of information on Internet.

• Healthy Children. Diet and connection to common diseases in Children. Importance of diet in children's mental and physical development.

• Healthy Pregnancy and Lactation. Diet during pregnancy & lactation and the connection to Infant's Health.

• What is a healthy Diet? Scientific Evidence on what is healthy and what is Not. Myths & Facts.

• All about Supplements. Pros & Cons of dietary Supplements. which are helpfuls, and which are a waste of money.

• Healthy Diet for very busy people. Why busy people need a healthy diet and how to maintain a healthy diet with a busy schedule.

• All about Protein. Myths & Facts about protein and the importance of Quality Vs Quantity.

• Diet and Chronic Disease What are the evidence on the effects of Diet on prevention and treatment of most common Chronic Disease.

• Weight Management/Losing weight The impact of overweight on our long-term health and how to lose weight on a healthy diet.

Weight Management/gaining weight The impact of underweight on our long-term health and how to gain weight on a healthy diet.

• Lifestyle choices and Fertility The impact of diet and toxic chemicals on Fertility. How to enhance fertility in males and females.

• Common myths about Nutrition. Sense & Nonsense You will come across when googling for Nutrition.

• All about Iron. Myths & Facts about the necessity of meat consumption for healthy iron levels in children and adults.

• Ideal Nutrition for Athletes. How to build your muscles on a healthy diet. Is Protein Powder necessary? Athletic performance and injury recovery with healthy Diet. • Toxic Free House. The most important sources of toxic chemicals in our household and how to reduce toxic load.

• Toxic free Beauty How to make sure your PCPs are Toxic free. The most common toxic compounds in personal care products and how to avoid them.

• Diet and Beauty What is the optimum diet to maintain a healthy skin?