What is Healthy Lifestyle?

What is Healthy Lifestyle all about?

Healthy Lifestyle is about nourishing. It’s about giving your body the food it needs to achieve balance. It’s about shedding off the weight that deprives you of the ability to move freely. It’s about getting rid of the weight that imprisons you. And gaining enough weight to feel strong and powerful again.

Healthy Lifestyle is about protecting. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from the most common diseases of our time; cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalances, kidney and lung diseases, Alzheimer’s.

It’s about protecting your unborn child from disorders like asthma, autism, childhood leukemia, ADHD, even allergies.

Healthy Lifestyle is about moving. Moving your body enough to feel vibrant. Moving to feel your heartbeat and feel alive. Moving through mountains and gorges and magnificent unexplored paths. Moving to find your inner rhythm; your motivation to go forward.

Healthy Lifestyle is about sleeping. Sleeping enough to dream the life you deserve. Sleeping enough to restore your energy and rejuvenate. Sleeping enough to be awakened.

Healthy Lifestyle is about relaxing. It’s about taking the time to pause. To do nothing. To just breathe. To just be. To observe. To connect with yourself beyond your body. To be conscious and aware and live in the moment.

Healthy Lifestyle is about connection. Connection with the ones that matter. It’s about love. It’s about taking nurturing the relationships that make you wanna live one hundred years. And about letting go of the ones that no longer serve you. So that there’s even more space for meaningful connection.

Healthy Lifestyle is about freedom. Freedom from the addictions that make you numb. Freedom from smoke, alcohol, junk food.

Healthy Lifestyle is about going back to your roots; grounding your feet and connect with Nature. It’s about living with the treasures Nature has gifted you. Toxic-free.

Healthy Lifestyle is about healing. Healing your trauma. Acknowledging your inner pain. Taking care of the child you once were.

Healthy Lifestyle is all about loving yourself enough. So that in turn, you can love others.

Healthy Lifestyle is all about self-care.

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