New Year Health Goal. No More Procrastination.

Procrastination is the act or habit of procrastinating, putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention ….” (dictionary.com)

“Perfectionists are often procrastinators; it is psychologically more acceptable to never tackle a task than to face the possibility of falling short on performance.” (psychologytoday.com)

I spent the last 8 days trying to decide what would be the best post for wishing a happy new year to the followers of IASIS facebook page and Instagram. I spent hours and hours wondering what would be the perfect message for 2019. What would be the perfect inspirational quote? I spent hours trying to find the perfect picture to use. And few more hours trying to find the most accredited scientific articles to support whatever I would write.

Because in my mind, unfortunately, anything that is not perfect, sucks.

That messed up way of thinking has caused me a bunch of problems, and an unhealthy amount of stress. And an overeating disorder… but that’s a subject for another article.

And here I am, on 8th of January, drinking a cup of tea, with my toddler breastfeeding to his afternoon nap, still trying to create this perfect post.

Suddenly I realize how ridiculous this is. I remember how many things in my life I have not dealt with, just because I feel I cannot do the perfect action needed.

Then I realize that for many people this faulty way of thinking is one of the main reasons why they do not change their lifestyle choices to healthier ones.

“I cannot give up my burger… I cannot give up my favorite dessert… I cannot cook every day at home…” they say.

So, since they cannot achieve what for them sounds like the perfect diet, they do not take any action. Leave it for later. Maybe next year I can change my diet. Procrastinate.

But your body suffers today. And it needs a change today. Not tomorrow. Today.

And that change doesn’t have to be perfect.

You do not need to start eating in the healthiest way possible and go to the gym every day and meditate every day and fix all your psychological issues tomorrow. You just need a change for the better. And any change towards a healthier lifestyle is a good change. Even a healthy breakfast is a good change. Not perfect. But good enough.

Any small step is better than no step forward.

Just like this first blog post of mine.

A first blog post that was procrastinated for exactly a year, but it is finally out there for you to read.

A very important Healthy Lifestyle message but an article far from perfect. With zero scientific evidence and maybe even zero interest for you.

But, hell… I will take my own advice and publish this imperfect article just to tell you:

Take today the first step to a healthier you.

Let me help you.


Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash


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